Facilities & Safety

The Great Escape Water Park is equipped with all the facilities to tackle all the challenges at the park.

  • Generators ensure uninterrupted electricity supplys
  • In-house filtration plant for upkeep of all the water park rides

The Great Escape Water Park is conceptualized, executed and managed by Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd, a multi product and multi dimensional company.

Having successfully executed theme park projects across the world, it is the largest manufacturer of children's playground equipments, water park equipments, amusement rides and high precision sophisticated machine tools in India. For more details visit www.arihant.com

Park Amenities

The Great Escape Water Park brings to you more than a water park hotel. We have added a whole host of facilities and amenities that will pamper you and spoil you for choice. In fact, we have added a little bit of everything for the entire family!

For Kids

Do not worry about your children as they will be conveniently engrossed at a beautifully landscaped 25,000 sq.ft children play park area that brings with it an extensive array of outdoor and indoor games. Children can enjoy unlimited games and masti at the multipurpose play system which has games like:

  • Swings
  • See saw
  • Slides
  • Maps and scramblers

And more!

Indoor play equipment: currently service unavailable

For Senior Citizens:

You no longer need to think twice for deciding your next picnic spot; The Great Escape Water Park is just the perfect retreat for everybody, including senior citizens.

Special amenities for senior citizens make sure they can participate in the fun, enjoy to their hearts content and also relax and rejuvenate thereafter. Facilities for them include:

  • Banquet halls
  • Senior citizens retiring rooms (capacity: 50), charges apply
  • Cool enclosures for shade
  • Comfortable cots

The water park is enveloped with soothing sights of some abundantly peaceful foliage and greenery. It also houses a temple and other places of religious significance close by. Seniors citizens can take time to visit these sites as well.

Other Facilities:

  • Lockers for safekeeping
  • Swimming costumes for sale only.

While your visit to The Great Escape Water Park is going to be nothing but serious fun, we see to it that you are safe and secure at all times.

Regular maintenance and up keeping procedures are followed for the entire water park.Special security /Life Guards arrangements are made for the children's play area, the kids pools, the landing pools and all the other water park slides.

The safety precautions and standards at The Great Escape Water Park have been certified as ISO-9000-2001 compliant, but we go beyond the mandatory requirements to offer utmost safety and peace of mind.

Unlike a restrained roller coaster ride, a water park slide is gravity propelled and there are no harnesses to maintain a correct body posture or velocity. We therefore employ various ergonomic and engineering principles with our designs to suit the rider's variable body profiles.

Safety procedures followed for visitor's safety

  • A team of well trained and efficient life guards- stationed at every pool to ensure security and adherence to safety procedures
  • Our operations team is equipped to deal with every challenge at the park
  • A dedicated security team continuously monitors the park
  • Regular power maintenance through certified consultants and engineers
  • Specialists conduct regular filtration of the water for monitoring the pH level of the water

In house facilities:

  • Trained medicos: We have a duly trained medical staff to assist in case of any emergencies in the park
  • Medical Infrastructure: A retiring room with adequate infrastructure and first aid supplies