Studded amongst the picturesque mountains of Pelhar, conveniently tucked away from the rigors of a routine life is an escape...The Great Escape Water Park! A twenty-six acre water theme park in Mumbai dedicated to sheer rejoice.

The Great Escape Water Park invites you to experience the thrill of over a dozen breathtaking water park slides, an ideal retreat for the withered urban souls!

Recharge yourself at the adrenaline rushing monstrous gut- the 40 feet water slide or just relax with the soothing curls of the thrilling wave pool.

Challenge your friends and family with the water park games or chase them down the water slides and land right into the lazy landing pools, there is something for everybody at The Great Escape Water Park.

Let your hair down and enjoy the sights and sounds of a foot tapping rain dance DJ or join your kids at the multipurpose play area. You can simply indulge in some mouth watering cuisines from across the country, prepared at our full fledged kitchen and served fresh at our food courts and banquet halls.

Our twelve acres of park amenities and facilities are geared-up to host over 3000 guests a day. An ISO-9000-2008 company, we employ state-of-the-art safety and medical facilities at the park to take-on any untoward incidents.


"We exist to create Happy Moments"


We strive to be a globally preferred Company in the happiness industry and Enlarging Stakeholder value by:

  • Being Principle Driven.
  • Being a Clients Delight.
  • Being Innovative & Trendsetting.
  • Being a Great Place to Work.