Oxygen Zone

Trees are one of the greatest sources of oxygen on earth and absorb the access of CO2 in the air and release back oxygen. They also help in cleaning the air by absorbing various toxic elements from it.

At The Great Escape Water Park we have created an Oxygen Zone which has more than 300 trees. These trees are the most oxygen producing trees.

These trees absorb the climate-warming carbon dioxide that we breathe out, whilst at same time releasing the oxygen that we need to survive.

The oxygen zone at The Great Escape Park will refresh and energise you and calm your mind and contribute to your overall health and well-being.

After the fun-filled day at the Water Park, come and relax at the Oxygen zone and recharge yourselves.

Kids Pool

Children love water as much as we do. Let your kid have fun, sliding and splashing around with our new attraction “Kids Pool”.

If you're really looking to entertain the kids, head over to the Kids Zone! Your kids will love splashing around in the shallow pool while nossels- side fountains sprinkle water at them.

Another classic feature of our kids’ pool and a favorite for children is our waterfall mushroom umbrella! Slide down our waterslide or typhoon tunnel and feel the adrenaline rush as you twist and turn down the slide.

If the kids really want to get soaked have them stand under one of the big waterfall tilting buckets. They'll fill to the brim but when they're too full watch out they'll come pouring down!

While you enjoy at the water park watch your kids also having a great time playing in the water.

Rain Dance

Who doesn’t love rain and dance? After a hot summer when clouds thunder and rain starts, one cannot resist the temptation to go out in the rain and dance. Now don’t wait for the rains and come to The Great Escape Water Park to dance your heart out at our new attraction.

Here at The Great Escape Water Park, we have created a special dance floor where the music comes alive with 10,000 watts of heart stopping hi-fidelity sound and the perfectly choreographed showers of warm water that soak you in absolute dance-bliss!

Take your inner child out and show your dance moves at The Great Escape Water Park.